Advice on How to Replace a Toilet for the DIY Homeowner

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When your home’s toilet doesn’t work and it is not repairable or if it’s time for a new water saving toilet, someone will need to install it. When a new toilet needs to be installed there are series of action steps, you’ll need to do to get ready first prior to putting in your new toilet. Featured here is a guideline on what to do to get ready and how to complete the job:

To begin the project, measure the current toilet before purchasing the new one. Pull out your measuring tame and measure the “rough in” measurement length from the wall behind the toilet. The waste pipe rough in measurement is normally 12 inches from the wall. It can be other distances from the wall, with measurements of ten to 14 inches. Measure the distance from the wall to the bolts holding down the toilet. Ideally the measurement will be 12 inches. If the distance from the wall to the toilet bolts is not 12 inches, you’ll need to place a special order for a toilet that matches your toilet’s rough in distance.

When you remove the old toilet, turn off the supply water valve to the toilet. It is located behind the toilet, close to the floor. Take off the lid to the toilet tank. From there flush the toilet and use a big rag or sponge to mop up any water in the tank. This will prevent any water from spilling out around the floor of the bathroom before you start installing the new commode.

Remove all the parts connected to the old toilet and the disassemble all the part holding it together, including the supply hose, the toilet tank and the nuts holding down the toilet via the flange bolts coming out of the floor.

Once everything has been disconnected take the old toilet off the floor by lifting it up off the floor flange screws. Place the toilet down on ground on some old towels or rags so it doesn’t get the floor wet from excess water from the tank or bowl. Once the tanks been there for a minute, full drained, carry it away from the bathroom area. Scrape off the old wax ring from the toilet flange. Take new toilet out of its box, flip it over, then place it on a set of rags, towel for bathroom rug to keep it from getting scratched. Open the wax ring box, take it out and place it over the toilet drain opening and press it firmly in place. For toilets being installed on new flooring that is higher than before (1/4” +), install a wax ring with a built-in vinyl sleeve that protrudes up into the closet flange.

Flip over the toilet right side up and place it down on the closet flange over the bolts up through the toilet base bolt holes. Sit down on the toilet itself and then very easily move to right and left while sitting. This action will seat the toilet in place properly. Screw down the nuts on each flange bolt so the bowl doesn’t move. Tighten the nuts down, but not too much, because if you do, it will crack the toilet bowl.

Place the tank on the toilet bowl, then screw it into place using the bolts and nuts it comes with. Be sure to install the rubber gasket that goes between the tank and the toilet first, before taking the tank and bolting it to the toilet bowl. Once the bolts are tightened down, connect the water supply line, turn the water valve on so the water fills up the tank and bowl and then inspect the entire toilet assembly, including the tank, the commode and the water supply line for water leaks.

If you decide you do not want to do the toilet installation yourself, call a local plumbing company like Day & Night Plumbing in Albuquerque, NM.


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