Albuquerque AC Replacement and the 2020 Real Estate Market – Part One

Albuquerque AC Replacement and the 2020 Real Estate Market by Day & Night Plumbing

Selling Your Albuquerque Home in 2020: Should You Install A New AC Unit Before You List It?

Is your family looking for a new Albuquerque home or to downsize to a smaller Albuquerque home in 2020? No matter if it is due to requiring more square footage or because you’ve become an empty nester or the house you have is too big, putting your current home on the market and purchasing a new one is a fantastic time in life.

During the time of putting a home on the market it can be overwhelming, hard to know what to do exactly and worrying. There are a lot of decisions need to be made about questions regarding the specific updates that should be completed before you list the house. It is a blanket agreement for people getting ready to list their home that doing a deep cleaning, painting the entire house, removing personal things like family photos and updating decorations will help make your home more attractive to prospective buyers. Those tasks on the getting ready for your home to be an real live Albuquerque listing on the MLS are automatic, but should you replace any of your major appliances like your HVAC unit, your refrigerator, your stove or your hot water heater?

Home buyers shopping for a house in Albuquerque are checking for features like beautiful flooring, high-end kitchen appliances and open layouts with natural lighting. Most Albuquerque home buyers are not even considering mechanical appliances like an HVAC unit when they preview a home.

If you are listing your Albuquerque home and you are not certain if you should install a new air conditioner before you put it on the market, answer the following important questions:

  • What is the age of your home’s Albuquerque air conditioner?

Air conditioning unit that is more than ten years of age should most likely be replaced. It can be used as a selling buy to interested buyers. The main reason to take this action is because the old unit is out of warranty. If they buy the home and the old HVAC/AC unit is still there, if it breaks the new owner will need to spend big money to fix it or replace. No one wants to deal with that kind of expense normally, but especially right after they purchase a home

If you have called the Albuquerque HVAC pros at Day & Night Plumbing multiple time to come out and fix your AC and it is continually having problems its probably time to replace it. Replacing your AC will give you the upper hand when potential Albuquerque home buyers preview your home and it is nice and cool inside.


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