Albuquerque AC Replacement and the 2020 Real Estate Market – Part Two

Albuquerque AC Replacement and the 2020 Real Estate Market by Day & Night Plumbing a

If you are listing your Albuquerque home and you are not certain if you should install a new air conditioner before you put it on the market, answer the following important questions:

  • What kind if AC refrigerant is used in your current AC unit?

If your homes current AC unit uses R-22 you should consider putting in a new AC unit that uses R410a. R-22 is no longer made and it costs a ton to buy and a ton to hire and pay HVAC company recharge a system that still uses it. It is a gas that depletes the earth’s ozone and it is no longer manufactured. It just so happens that it costs less and it is okay for the environment.  

If the home you are try to fix up, list and sell is in an area or community that is big on protecting the environment, replacing your AC unit with a system that uses R410 it could be a strong selling feature to offer to improve your chances of selling. AC units cost a ton of money. If your current AC unit is working fine, complete a full maintenance check up on it, replace any parts that need to be replaced and keep it

  • Is your Albuquerque home air condition system working?

Even though this is an obvious point, this is the primary fact to consider when you are making the decision to replace you AC system before you list your Albuquerque home. It is a fact that listing your home with the listing showcasing New HVAC system on it will look attractive to a new home buyer, if your AC system is working and it has been maintained with no big repairs in recent years, do not spend the money to replace it. If your Albuquerque home AC is broken or does not work very well, you may want to replace it.

By the same token, if you called the Albuquerque HVAC pros at Day & Night Plumbing multiple time to come out and fix your AC and it is continually having problems its probably time to replace it. Replacing your AC will give you the upper hand when potential Albuquerque home buyers preview your home and it is nice and cool inside.


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