Albuquerque Air Conditioner Replacement Tips – Part Three

Albuquerque Air Conditioner Replacement Tips by Day & Night Plumbing 505-974-5797 a

Air Conditioner Repair – Buy the AC Air Handler and the Compressor Together

When your air conditioner needs repair many times one of items that needs to be replace is the compressor. Most people want to buy only the air compressor and not the accompanying air handler because it will have money, but it is smarter to replace the entire system, than to buy components in pieces when it is needed. An AC compressor and air handler work in tandem; the capacity of a new compressor will most definitely have different capacity and a different SEER (Season Energy Efficiency Ratio) than your air handler in currently installed AC unit. If original air handler is left in and paired with the new air compress in your AC unit, its will result in reduced effectiveness with your home not being as cool as it should or could be and it will possibly result in higher utility bills.  

Inspect Your Duct Work Annually and Do Repairs and Maintenance When Needed Immediately

When a home has air conditioner/heating system duct work, it is wise to get inspected when installing a new air conditioning system. There are a variety of factors that can have a negative impact your home’s duct system like general wear and tear over time, earthquake activity in your area or different wear or functional obsolescence issues as well. If your duct system needs repair it can make your AC not work as well as it should because cool air that should be coming out of vents, is leaking out where it is not needed. Repair your duct work now before your put in a new AC system or repair the current AC system so your cooling and heating system works well and you get all the cool air you deserve.

Do Not Let Price Be Your Only Decision-Making Factor

Albuquerque air conditioner replacement is expensive. You demand top value when you buy a new system, however the lowest cost model does not mean it is your getting the best value. Your new system must have a 10-year warranty. Be sure to work with a qualified Albuquerque HVAC professional like the pro’s at Day & Night Plumbing, Heating, Cooling and Drains when installing or repair your Albuquerque air conditioning.


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