Albuquerque Air Conditioner Strategies to Keep Your Home Cool in the Summer of 2019 – Part One

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Albuquerque air conditioner cooling systems are highly important components for homes in the hot summer climate of this city because after the temperature outside hits 100 or so, which happens almost every summer in the Duke City, a swamp cooler stops being effective at home cooling. Refrigerated air conditioning is now a featured component of many Albuquerque homes, but it only became available for home cooling in the 1950’s. The U.S. Department of Energy recently reported that in 2019, sixty-five to seventy percent of homes in the U.S. now feature an air conditioning cooling system.

Since the advent of air conditioners, several technological improvements have been made in the HVAC (heating, venting and air conditioning) industry. Due to these improvements it is easier than ever to design a home that features an effective environmentally safe HVAC system. Even though air conditioners are better than ever in 2019, they still need to be serviced annually to keep them running efficiently while keeping a home cool and electricity costs low as possible. Keep your home cool inside each summer by servicing your air conditioner annually and by following these strategies:

1. Schedule Air Conditioner Service Annually by an Albuquerque HVAC Professional

By completing air conditioner annual maintenance your Albuquerque home air conditioner can lose up to 7% of its effectiveness from when it was new. Cars need a regular tune up, people need annual physicals and air conditioners require annual maintenance service calls. By completing a service call for annual maintenance on your air conditioner, problems that are found then normally require less work and cost less. When your air conditioner annual maintenance service call is begin performed by your Albuquerque HVAC professional, they will complete a full inspection of your system and give it a tune up.

One way to reduce your cost of an annual air conditioner service call is to schedule to have it done in the first part of the year. Doing this will cost you less because Albuquerque HVAC heating and cooling companies are not as busy then. When summer rolls around the cost for a service call will be higher because they are busier. It costs $300 on the average to fix an Albuquerque air conditioner, depending on the issue at hand.

2. Annual Spring Air Conditioner and Condenser Cleaning

Best maintenance practices when it comes to your air conditioner and the devices’ condenser, is to clean it every year in the spring, before your start using it. Act now and remove any items set up against the air conditioner condenser, like outdoor games and lawn and garden tools. It is a working component of your air conditioner and items leaned up against it can damage it. Pull any weeds, grass or garden plants growing next to it that may keep it from running properly. Be sure to be careful not bang into or damage any component of the system including attachments when cleaning up around the unit and pulling weeds, plants or grass right next to it. Turn the electricity off to the unit before cleaning the condenser. Take off the fan and grill of the condenser and clean them well after you have turned off the electricity. The condenser has fins. Be sure to clean them by spraying them with a garden house. Clean the entire unit, inside and out, then be sure to dry it completely. Replace all the parts you cleaned including the fins, the fan and grill after you have dried them all of first. Once all these tasks are completed turn the electricity to the unit back on. Now your air conditioner is all set to assist you in keeping your home nice and cool.


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