Albuquerque Air Conditioner Strategies to Keep Your Home Cool in the Summer of 2019 – Part Two

Air Conditioner Filter Change Strategy

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An air conditioner part that needs consistent maintenance attention is your system’s HVAC filter. If your home’s air conditioner is filthy, it logically can lower the operating efficiency of the system. The system will work harder and not keep your home as cool as it might be if the filter was clean. Your home’s Albuquerque air conditioner filter should be replaced monthly. An air conditioner filter should be changed monthly for both a central air conditioner, and window air conditioner. In some cases, with window air conditioner filter parts they can be wiped completely to clean them. To make sure you change out or clean your air conditioner filter on a scheduled basis each month, do the following:

  • Smartphone Reminder – Set up a monthly reminder for the first of the month to remind you to replace or clean your filter.
  • Purchase Filters for Your HVAC System for the Entire Year – Once you have your purchase at home, mark each one with the name of the month the filter is to be installed, then install them accordingly. Many HVAC systems use the same filter for heating and cooling which means you’ll be able to use the filters you bought year-round if your system has this feature.

AC System Full Inspection

During the summer season when your air conditioner is being used daily, complete a full inspection of the system to make certain it is working right and to find any problems early on before they become big ones. To complete your inspection, turn it on and then listen for odd sounds and to see how fast the unit starts up. When you’re inspecting your home’s air conditioner, if it starts up slowly, emits fluids or makes odd or loud sounds, it most likely is time to get the system inspected by an Albuquerque HVAC professional. It is wise to discontinue your inspection and bring in an HVAC professional to assess the problems and provide a solution with an HVAC repair quote.  

Once you have completed your full HVAC system thoroughly turn it off if you found any problems and wait for the professional

Several other components you should check during your HVAC inspection. During your inspection review the following areas and make notes about them accordingly:

  • Ductwork: Check to see if it is clean and does not show any build up of dust or dirt
  • Thermostat: Check to see that it is in good working order and completely clean.
  • Condensing Coils: Make sure the unit is completely clean.
  • Condensing Unit: Make sure it is not affected or encumbered by plants, grass, weeds or any lawn and garden tools or lawn furniture.


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