Albuquerque Air Conditioner Tips on How to Get the Most Out It and Save Money – Part Two

Albuquerque Air Conditioner Tips on How to Get the Most Out of It and Save Money by Day and Night Plumbing 505-974-5797

It is a few days away from summer and Albuquerque air conditioner season is up on us, so it is time for Albuquerque homeowners to do some basic maintenance on their HVAC unit. For your Albuquerque air conditioner to be effective in 2020 presented here are several tips follow to make that happen:

Air Conditioning Units Need to Be Left in the ON Position

Albuquerque homeowners are like everyone else when it comes to air conditioning and the higher bills that come with running it. Most homeowners believe that turning the air conditioning off when no one is home will prevent higher electricity bills. It turns out this thinking is incorrect. If you stall and leave it off and then and turn on your air conditioning when you get home at 5 p.m. and it is 105 degrees Fahrenheit outside your Albuquerque air conditioner will have to work longer and expend more energy to cool off the house than if you had left it on. The best strategy is to leave it on the AUTO setting and leave the temperature setting at 80 degrees. Leaving the setting at 80 will cause the system to run when it becomes hotter than that in your home and in turn it will keep your home reasonably cool until you get home. In the long run doing this will save you money.

Regular Air Conditioner Servicing

Get your Albuquerque air conditioner service by licensed Albuquerque HVAC professional. Having a pro come out and service your system annually will help you be sure your system is running properly and efficiently. An Albuquerque HVAC Company, like Day & Night Plumbing, Heating, Cooling and Drains LLC, will inspect your system for any problems and then determine an action plan to fix them if any issues are located during the inspection. Your regular inspections should be done when you are doing your semi-annual changeover from your furnace to your air conditioner and then back again to the furnace in the late fall. By doing a regular maintenance service on your air conditioner and your furnace it will extend the life of the appliance and make certain it is tip top shape all the time.

Keep Your Albuquerque Home Cooler Using Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans work. You can lower your electricity bill by putting ceiling fans to work to keep your home cooler. Ceiling fans push down cool air and pull up hot air. Both these factors mean using ceiling fans will keep your place cooler and you and your family happy in your better cooled Albuquerque home.

Scheduled HVAC Filter Replacement

Your Albuquerque HVAC filter needs to be replaced after 90 days of use. Professionals and HVAC system manufactures suggest doing a visual inspection of your HVAC filter monthly and to have HVAC filters on hand to switch out a dirty one if your inspection calls for it. A dirty HVAC filter makes your system work too hard. Eventually if your HVAC filter is left unchanged your system’s will freeze over, stop working and maybe even break.  

Be sure to invest the time on your Albuquerque home air conditioner to inspect it regularly, clean the parts that need to be cleaned and replace your HVAC filter on scheduled 90 intervals. Keep your system maintained will help keep it running efficiently, keep your home cool and it will help reduce your electricity and gas bills.


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