Albuquerque Air Conditioner Tips on How to Get the Most Out It and Save Money – Part One

Albuquerque Air Conditioner Tips on How to Get the Most Out of It and Save Money by Day and Night Plumbing 505-974-5797

It is a few days away from summer and Albuquerque air conditioner season is up on us, so it is time for Albuquerque homeowners to do some basic maintenance on their HVAC unit. For your Albuquerque air conditioner to be effective in 2020 presented here are several tips follow to make that happen:

Condenser Cleaning Tips

Like cleaning your dryer vent to keep lint from blocking the dryer venting system, miscellaneous fluff and loose debris must be removed out of your Albuquerque home air conditioner condenser on a consistent schedule. Complete a regular condenser inspection. When doing the inspection see if there is any loss fluff, lint, trash, tree leaves or tree twigs and then remove them as you spot them. Use you home outside garden hose to clean the condenser.

Close Air Conditioning Vents Methodology

When a vent is open it permits cool airconditioned air to move throughout the room. Consider rooms in your home that are not in use much. In many homes’, rooms like the sewing room, the man cave and the home’s basement may not be used much at all. Employ the simple method of closing vents in rooms that do not get used much. Doing this will shift the cool air from lightly used rooms to rooms that are used all the time and it will most likely mean lower electricity bills as well.

Vents Blocked by Furniture and Boxes

Complete a full vent inspection of your Albuquerque home. If you find furniture or stacked up boxes covering up vents, then remove the boxes and move your furniture to unblock the blocked vents. Make sure you review your home’s vents on a regular basis to see if any vents are blocked.

Air Conditioning Units Need to Be Left in the ON Position

Albuquerque homeowners are like everyone else when it comes to air conditioning and the higher bills that come with running it. Most homeowners believe that turning the air conditioning off when no one is home will prevent higher electricity bills. It turns out this thinking is incorrect. If you stall and leave it off and then and turn on your air conditioning when you get home at 5 p.m. and it is 105 degrees Fahrenheit outside your Albuquerque air conditioner will have to work longer and expend more energy to cool off the house than if you had left it on. The best strategy is to leave it on the AUTO setting and leave the temperature setting at 80 degrees. Leaving the setting at 80 will cause the system to run when it becomes hotter than that in your home and in turn it will keep your home reasonably cool until you get home. In the long run doing this will save you money.

Be sure to invest the time on your Albuquerque home air conditioner to inspect it regularly, clean the parts that need to be cleaned and replace your HVAC filter on scheduled 90 intervals. Keep your system maintained will help keep it running efficiently, keep your home cool and it will help reduce your electricity and gas bills.


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