A drain that is clogged and smells bad is nothing to sneeze at. A drain system that works correctly is important for a variety of good reasons including dealing with issues such as a leaky drain, drain backup, health issues and bad smells coming from the sink drain.

Taking care of your home’s drain is so important and letting it go can turn into a calamity you will regret both financially and on a practical level. Drain maintenance is important all the time because if not done on it can lead to a big bill from your local Albuquerque plumber. To keep this from happening use the following strategies as a regular practice to keep your drain system working well all the time.

1.     Remove the Nasty Drain Smell

For your home to smell good it’s critical to keep your home’s drain from putting out a nasty smell. Drains that are not maintained start to smell badly due to a variety of causes. Those causes equate to bad smells throughout the home and to potentially problematic serious health issues for you and your family. It is important to address each drain problem directly. This can be done effectively using smart logical strategies including both physical methods as well as natural and chemical methods.

The strategies below are nice selection of ways to keep your home’s drain systems in good working order

  • Add hot water, vinegar and baking soda together. Pour it down the kitchen drain in your home. It will do away with bacteria in the drain and at the same time eliminate the bad smell. Use this strategy on a monthly basis to help your drain stay clog and smell free.
  • Use a combination of salt, lemon and ice placed down your drain 3 times a week. It will improve the smell and start to smell lemony all the time.
  • Go straight for the consumer product approach. Buy the best drain cleaning product on the market, put it down your drain as instructed and then after it’s been applied, check to see if the drain smell is one and the mold has been eliminated.

If you cannot seem to solve your drain clog problems, whether it’s the smell, a clog or a nasty leak, hire a professional Albuquerque plumber like Day & Night Plumbing!

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