1.     Fix Your Home’s Drain Clogs

Drain systems will work right when all types of foreign matter remain clear from all sections of the drain. Foreign matter consists of things like hair, floss, pieces of food, grease, wash rags and sponges. Regular drain problems are caused by the accumulation of these items, normally ending up with the drain clogging. A serious drain clog typically must be addressed by a local licensed plumber. A minor drain clog can be addressed by a homeowner.

Here a group of strategies to use to clear out simple drain clogs:

  • Using a plunger to fix a drain clog is old school, but it is tried and true. It can be used to clear out kitchen sinks, bathroom sinks shower drains, tub drains and toilets.
  • Drain cleaner with barbs is also a great way to clear out a basic drain clog that’s close to the top of the drain
  • Drain cleaner using high press water are a great way to clear out a simple drain clog
  • Drain cleaner made with enzymes used as directed over an entire nighttime will many times will work well to break up a drain clog by dissolving it.
  • It may come to realization that none of these mentioned strategies work to unstop your drain clog. If that’s the case, it’s time to call a top Albuquerque plumber to resolve the problem.

2. Strategies to Follow to Keep Your Drains Draining

  • Do not put string types of items down your drain, like pumpkin insides
  • Always let your water run when running your garbage disposal so it clears out anything you placed down the drain
  • Do not pour grease or oil down your drain to keep buildup from occurring. The buildup of oil and grease is the biggest drain clog culprit
  • Bathroom drain screens should be installed in all bathroom sinks to keep hair clogs from occurring
  • Do a visual check of all drains each week to see if any are leaking. An ounce of prevention is almost always worth a pound of cure.

If you cannot seem to solve your drain clog problems, whether it’s the smell, a hard core drain clog issue, or a nasty drain leak, make the call and hire a professional Albuquerque plumber like Day & Night Plumbing!


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