Albuquerque Evaporative Cooler Maintenance—How to do it in Right in Mid to Late Summer

Albuquerque Evaporative Cooler Maintenance

Albuquerque evaporative cooling maintenance services are more important now than ever. The temperatures in Albuquerque are hotter sooner than ever in the spring and stay hot later in the late summer and early fall. To keep your evaporative cooler running efficiently the easiest steps to take is general overall maintenance.

Albuquerque homeowners who own a home with an evaporative cooler know that evaporative cooling is the particularly well-designed for the hot dry weather conditions. A well-maintained evaporative cooler does a great job of helping keep an Albuquerque home cool all summer long. To take best advantage of your Albuquerque home evaporative cooling system, it helps to maintain it both before the summer starts, and during the middle to the late part of the summer season.

Albuquerque Evaporative Cooler Maintenance

Present below is a mid to late summer season evaporative cooler maintenance to-do-list to follow to make your system run as efficiently as possible.  

  • Buy and install new cooler pads.
  • Drain the water reservoir below the unit and replace it with fresh water.
  • Clean the reservoir thoroughly and if there is rust on the surface paint it with two coats of the proper paint. Be sure the paint is completely dry before refilling it with water.
  • Examine if the float valve is operating correctly.
  • Examine the water line for leaks. If it is leaking, replace it.
  • Examine the unit’s bearings, motor, and fan belt to check and see if there is extensive wear and if they are operating correctly.
  • Examine the entire unit to see if there are noise problems.
  • Operate the evaporative cooler system and check to be certain the unit’s pads are completely wet.
  • Check to see if cooling is set at the right temperature.

Albuquerque Evaporative Cooler Maintenance – Call Today 505-974-5797

If you encounter difficulties when you are doing your mid to late summer evaporative cooler maintenance, call us to schedule one of expert technicians to come out, determine what action steps are needed and complete the required repairs. Day & Night Plumbing is there when you need us and there to keep your Albuquerque home cool all summer and early fall.


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