Albuquerque Home Lime Scale Removal and Prevention

Lime scale is the biproduct of mineral deposits from water residue that builds up on your Albuquerque home plumbing fixtures after water evaporates. Albuquerque hard water contains minerals, including lime. Albuquerque homeowners find lime scale on their plumbing fixtures, shower doors, and coffee maker. Lime scale on appliances has a whitish appearance. Lime scale build up happens over time due to the lime mineral in Albuquerque water. The lime scale stains make plumbing fixtures look old and worn out. Here are several tips on what to do to clean lime scale build-up stains and how to keep in from happen in the future.  

How to Clean Lime Scale Off Your Albuquerque Plumbing Fixtures and Home Surfaces

Many Albuquerque homeowners most likely have the cleaning supplies required to clean off lime scale. Two of those items are vinegar and lemon juice. Each of these items are highly acidic and that acid is great when applied to lime scale, which is calcium carbonate, at dissolving it off fixtures and surfaces. Follow these steps when cleaning lime scale buildup from surfaces and fixtures in your Albuquerque home:

  • Tile Lime Scale Removal – Removing lime scales from tile is the by far the simplest to clean off lime scale deposit buildup. Scrub the surface with vinegar or lemon juice. The lime scale buildup on your tile will scrub off easily.
  • Faucets and Handles Lime Scale Removal – Take a paper towel, soak it lime juice or vinegar and place it on your bathroom or kitchen fixture. Leave it on for an entire night. Take it off the paper towel from the fixture the next day and clean the surface with a scrub brush or sponge with scrub surface on one side.
  • Faucet Opening Scale Removal – Cleaning lime scale from a faucet where the water comes out requires some creativity. Take a sandwich bag and fill it with vinegar. Hold each side of the bag and lift it up so the faucet end is immersed in the vinegar. From there pull a rubber band around the baggie and wrap it around the end of the faucet so the vinegar stays in the baggie and the faucet end is soaking in vinegar. Another option is to take lemon and dig out the center with a spoon so there is a small hole at the center top. Place the lemon over the faucet end and secure it so it stays in place. Leave it overnight. The next day remove the bag or the lemon and then scrub away to remove any remaining lime scale.
  • Shower Door Scale Removal – Buy a spray bottle and fill it with vinegar. Spray the shower door surface with the vinegar and scrub it with a sponge with a scrub surface on one side. Keep using this method until all the lime scale has been scrubbed off.
  • Appliance Scale Removal – It just so happens that some appliances are okay to operate while vinegar is in the device. Devices you can clean with vinegar while they are operating are your washing machine, your dishwasher, and your coffee maker. Run the coffee maker a second time with clear water to make sure all the vinegar has been eliminated.
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Lime Scale Elimination with a Water Softener

Albuquerque lime scale can be prevented with the installation of water softener in your Albuquerque home. Water softeners are designed to soften your water and they help prevent lime scale build-up on plumbing fixtures, home surfaces and home appliance.  

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