Albuquerque Home Water Conservation Tips – Part Three

Albuquerque Home Water Conservation Tips by Day & Night Plumbing 505-974-5797

Utility bills can add up quickly for Albuquerque, NM. homeowners. In New Mexico, one of the most important resources that can be described as scarce is water. Therefore, every effort and method to conserve water as a precious resource will assist in prevention of shortages that could occur during the present and in the future. Constructively, here are a number of tips to assist homeowners with water conservation efforts.

7. Limit your usage of washing machines and dishwashers to only full loads 

The household appliances of dishwashers and washing machines typically use more water than any other appliance. For illustration purposes, a dishwasher typically uses nearly 25 gallons of water per cycle, while a washing machine can use as much as 35 gallons of water for a full load of laundry. By cutting down usage to full loads only for both appliances, an individual can save 100s of gallons of water per month. 

8. Conserve Water by Not Leaving the Kitchen Faucet Running 

A modern routine practiced in some households is leaving a faucet running to rinse of food or for handwashing dishes. Like many other habits, leaving a faucet running in a kitchen can waste several gallons of water in just a few minutes of usage. In order to conserve water, these basic tips can reduce the amount of water being wasted. 

Albuquerque Home Water Conservation Tips by Day & Night Plumbing 505-974-5797

While cleaning fruits or vegetables, use a bowl of water or fill the sink partially with clean water and simply place the food items in the bowl or sink. This practice will still clean the food items and will conserve water usage. 

Most modern sinks in kitchens have two bowls for usage. While hand washing a few dishes, it’s a very common to practice to leave a faucet running during the cleaning process. However, this wastes tons of water as well. Try filling both sinks up partial; use soap in one and keep the other for rinsing only. This practice can cut down excess running water being wasted by a lot. 

9. Changes to Basic Yard Care Water Uses to Conserve Water

Sometimes, one of the biggest ways homeowners waste water in Albuquerque, NM. is through poor yard care practices. For example, some homeowners tend to use a hose to water grass or plants in their yard instead of an irrigation system. This practice alone can lead to over watering 

plants and lacks practicality in conserving water. Here are some suggestions that can be deemed as helpful for proper yard practices that aim to conserve water. 

● Although not many homeowners have lawns in Albuquerque, NM., for those who do, it may be helpful to water only during cooler parts of the day such as in the early morning or late at night on a regular schedule can create water 

conservation. Moreover, lawn care water usage includes watering only when a lawn needs it and also deep-soaking it. While deep-soaking a loan doesn’t seem practical, a deep-soak allows water to reach the roots of the grass where it needs it most. Furthermore,simply sprinkling water on grass can be wasted through evaporation. 

● Some homeowners use irrigation systems with sprinklers to water their lawn. This can lead to lots of water being wasted. For example, sprinklers could be broken or spraying water into areas other than the lawn. It should be suggested that homeowners should routinely check to see if their irrigation system is working properly to avoid excess water being wasted. 

● Additionally to watering at the coolest point of a day, deep-soaking lawns, and having a functional irrigation system that doesn’t waste water. A particular way to conserve water in by planting plants that do well in environments that commonly experience droughts. There are plenty of drought-resistant plants available are local nurseries that are very beautiful and add plenty of character to Albuquerque homeowners’ yards. 

● Adding a simple layer of mulch to a yard helps slow the process of evaporation and can help hold moisture for much longer which can reduce the amount of times a homeowner has to water their yard during the week. 

10. Cleaning outdoor areas and Car Washing 

One of the more common ways that homeowners in Albuquerque, New Mexico waste water is through cleaning methods. In summary, homeowners typically will use a hose for cleaning sidewalks, walkways, cars, and much more. Suggestively, this can be described as one of the more common methods homeowners don’t conserve water. However, there are different approaches homeowners can use that will really make a difference for conserving water. Instead of using a hose to clear a walkway or sidewalk full of dirt or debris. Simply use a broom. While it can be tedious and time consuming, it’s more practical as for cleaning and reduces water being wasted to zero.

One of the benefits of being a homeowner is having the ability to clean your car in your own driveway instead of going to a carwash. However, the amount of water usage compared to conservation can largely be disproportionate due to excessive use of a hose. Simply using a sponge, a bucket of water and soap, and only using the hose to rinse a vehicle is the most practical way to clean it and this method will conserve the most water.


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