Albuquerque Plumbing Tips Every Albuquerque Homeowner Needs To Know – Part One

When it comes to taking good care of your house one of the primary things do know the basics about is plumbing. When a basic issue comes up if you know plumbing basics, you will be able to deal with it. Here are plumbing tips every Albuquerque homeowner should know. The plumbing tips are as follows:

Learn Where Your Albuquerque Home’s Water Shut-Off Valves are Located

When you purchase a new home, be sure to find out where the water shut-off valve and drain is for the home. Most of the time the water shut-off valve is located outside for Albuquerque homes. It is also important to learn where your home’s sewer line access is located. If you live in an apartment or condo it most likely will only have a main shut-off valve for the entire building, not just your unit.

Be Careful to Never Cut or Puncture Water Pipes, Electrical Wires or Drainage Pipes

When you have a home improvement project that requires drilling holes, nailing or cutting into walls, ceilings or flooring, it is critical that you check to see beforehand if you might cut into electrical wires, a water line, or a drainage pipe. Finding out what important functioning components are inside your walls, ceilings or flooring can be done by using stud finder or with a construction endoscopic video camera.

Learn What Can and Cannot Be Flushed Down Your Albuquerque Toilet

Flushing items down your Albuquerque toilet that are not meant to be flushed can lead to serious drain and sewer line repair problems and big bills. Do not flush baby wipes, feminine napkins, or paper towels down your toilet. Stick to flushing toilet paper down your toilet and you should not have any issues with your drain or your sewer line.

Plumbing Basics and Action Plan

Becoming knowledgeable about your Albuquerque home plumbing and knowing how to fix a few things will create a body of skill sets that will help you play smart defense when it comes to your Albuquerque home plumbing problems.


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