Albuquerque Smelly Kitchen Sink Solutions to Follow to Get Rid of That Awful Smell – Part Three

Albuquerque kitchen sinks in most households take a beating but they keep working despite work we put the through. At some point rotting food, oil, animal fat from steak, fish and chicken start clinging the kitchen sink drain which causes it to start smelling badly. When a household member runs water down the sink the smell rises into the air causing most anyone near to gag in revulsion.

Here are several top tips to use to get rid of you Albuquerque kitchen sink smell and hopefully banish it forever. The tips to end your smelly sink drain are as follows:

7. Scalding Hot Boiling Water, Lemon Juice, and Baking Soda

Lemon juice combined with baking soda creates a chemical reaction. It interacts with the baking soda, making it fizz and bubble. Buy a bottle of lemon juice and a couple of boxes of baking soda. Pour the baking soda down drain and then pour the lemon juice. From there pour a preboiled pot of scalding hot boiling water. If the smell from your sink remains, follow the same steps again.

8. Scalding Hot Boiling Water, Essential Oils and Baking Soda

Create a different aroma coming from your kitchen sink drain using a couple of boxes of baking soda lightly soaked with several drops of essential oils. Let the combination sit for 1 hour and then pour a pot of scalding hot boiling water down the drain to wash down the baking soda and essential oils.

9. Scalding Hot Vinegar

Pour an entire bottle of vinegar into a pot and bring it to a boil on your stove. Once it is done boiling and piping hot, pour down your smelly kitchen drain. This method might just make your smelly drain go away.

Keep Your Drain Smelling Swell Going Forward—Here’s How

By way of one the methods covered here to solve your smelly kitchen drain problem, if you have solved your problem, the smart thing to do is take regular action to keep smelling fine. The best and easiest method to keep your kitchen sink smelling great after you solve your smelly sink drain problem is to pour baking soda down it once a week. The baking will soak up bacteria and eliminate odors and keep it smelling swell.


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