Albuquerque Smelly Kitchen Sink Solutions to Follow to Get Rid of That Awful Smell – Part One

Albuquerque kitchen sinks in most households take a beating but they keep working despite work we put the through. At some point rotting food, oil, animal fat from steak, fish and chicken start clinging the kitchen sink drain which causes it to start smelling badly. When a household member runs water down the sink the smell rises up into the air causing most anyone near to gag in revulsion.

Here are several top tips to use to get rid of you Albuquerque kitchen sink smell and hopefully banish it forever. The tips to end your smelly sink drain are as follows:

1. High Grade Dish Soap and Hot Water

Begin the process of fixing your smelly sink drain by filling up the sink with scalding hot water. From there, add the high-grade dish soap to the water and stir it around until the water becomes bubbly and smokey. Flip on the garbage disposal at the same time you pull out the sink stopper. Run the garbage disposal until the hot soapy water is completely use up and then turn it off.

2. Lemon Peels, Coarse Margarita Salt, and Ice Cubes

If the smell in your kitchen drain persists, take this action next. The key is to get the blades clean and clear the drain from animal grease, food particles and oil. The way to clean the drain and garbage disposal blades and rid the drain of its nasty smell is with a combination of lemon peels, coarse margarita sale and ice cubes. Gather all your ingredients next to the sink. Do not run water at all. First pour all the coarse margarita salt down the drain. Then fill up the drain completely with ice cubes and lemon peels. Run the garbage disposal until the lemon peels, ice cubes and salt are completely gone. Set up the ingredients again and then run it through the garbage disposal again.

3. Lemon and Vinegar Ice Cubes and Vinegar

One of the fastest solutions is to use ice cubes made with lemon juice and vinegar. Create several ice trays of these special ice cubes. From there fill up drain all the way to the top with the ice cubes and then run it. Do this several times until the smell coming up from your drain is gone.

By way of one the methods covered here to solve your smelly kitchen drain problem, if you have solved your problem, the smart thing to do is take regular action to keep smelling fine. The best and easiest method to keep your kitchen sink smelling great after you have solving your odor problem is to pour baking soda down it once a week. The baking will soak up bacteria and eliminate odors and keeping from smelling badly again.


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