Albuquerque Swamp Cooler Shut Down Steps—Do it the Right Way Part One

Evaporative coolers require yearly maintenance, called winterization. Also known as swamp coolers, it is best to service them a few months before winter here in Albuquerque and for that matter, Northern New Mexico.

Some may think all that’s necessary is to shut it off, but it isn’t that easy. The process requires a little more work, but this guide will assist you in your journey to taking proper care of your home.

Why You Need to Winterize a Swamp Cooler

Swamp coolers are an appliance that many have gotten so used to interacting with only through controls on the wall that they forget that it’s unnecessary to keep operational through the winter. Here’s a few reasons why it would be wise to give it a seasonal break:

Swamp Cooler Damage Control

To those who have visited their swamp cooler, it’s no surprise that most of its parts are made of metal. During the wet months of winter, rust may form and start corroding in places, leaving the machine unable to operate properly.

When a cooler is left unwinterized, there is standing water hanging out inside the machine. Experts cover the unit after draining its contents to keep unwanted moisture from coming in and causing damage during the winter months.

There are plastic swamp coolers, but they also require this yearly care, as they also have interior parts, such as the pump, that are made of metal and can suffer deterioration.

Swamp Cooler Pest Control

All kinds of critters and creepy crawlers will be attracted to the water inside. This makes sense as most living things need water for survival, and liquid moisture may become scarce. There is a chance that by the time it’s time to flip the switch back on, there could be a full blown infestation on your hands. No one wants to need to correct that.

More Money In Your Pocket

Everyone could use more money, right? Bet you’re more interested in getting familiar with that machine now.

There is a seemingly never-ending list of expenses homeowners end up facing, so let’s try and prevent it from growing by taking proper preventative actions before winter gets here.

Between a potential infestation and damaging the integrity of the cooler itself, the cost of repairs can become staggering. Especially considering the wreckage the critters may cause to your home, and the price to evict the unwanted roommates.

Maintaining and caring for a expensive working component like a swamp cooler that keeps your home cool during the hot months makes perfect sense. Doing maintenance now by shutting it down the right way and sealing it up properly from the elements will help it last a long time.


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