Albuquerque Swamp Cooler Shut Down Steps—Do it the Right Way – Part Three

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Focus on Swamp Cooler Pipes

There may be some stubborn moisture in the pipes that doesn’t want to come out, but luckily there is a trick! A conventional blow dryer is a nice, easy way to dry everything up inside those tricky pipes before you seal up your cooler.

Rinse the Swamp Cooler Pan

At this point the cooler pan or tank should be empty, but there’s more work to be done. To remove sediments, minerals, and anything else that may have come to be there, it is important to rinse it with plenty of fresh water.

Minerals and sediments tend to accumulate over time, usually they gather near the bottom of the pan. The fresh water rinse should help remove both of these which also helps prevent rust.

Dry the tank or pan with a clean cloth before you continue on to the next step. This is paramount, remember, water is the last thing you want in your unit at this time. Aside from the issues previously mentioned, this will deter mold and mildew growth as well.

Replace the Swamp Cooler Cooler Pad

Many people wait until the beginning of summer to switch out their cooler pads, but it is a good idea to break that habit. Once used up, the pads may promote rust if left to sit all winter. Changing pads before sealing the unit up for the winter ensures there is no moisture inside and checks an item off the spring chore list. Another win-win motion!

Cover it Up

The final step to winterizing your unit is to cover it up. It is a good idea to skip the bargains here, after all, this is going to protect your unit all winter, perhaps even over multiple years.

Hopefully, this has explained the importance of winterizing evaporative coolers and helps prevent the expense of calling in a handle it for you. No matter who handles the process, the crucial thing is that it gets done. Winterize your swamp cooler so it lasts a long time and so it keeps your place as cool as possible.

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