Albuquerque Swamp Cooler Shut Down Steps—Do it the Right Way – Part Two

Proper swamp cooler shut down requires following a well planned strategic set of steps. The process requires a little more work, but this guide will assist you in your journey to taking proper care of your home.

Keeping the Swamp Cooler Clean

When not in use, evaporative coolers tend to gather debris and grime. These kill the performance by working against the machine when left to accumulate over time. It can even cause it to use more power than you think and ultimately cost more money than you were aware of. When you winterize your swamp cooler, you make sure these things don’t come up out of nowhere because the service ensures that it is cleaned and the cover prevents unwanted dust as well as moisture.

Keeping Up With the Warranty

Warranties don’t always cover everything, so even if you feel protected, you need to winterize your cooler. Most warranties already instruct the owner how and when to maintenance the machine to help guarantee the shelf life of the product.

For example, when you know the unit is not going to be utilized for a good while, it is typically necessary to shut it completely off. Reading the warranty is very important in case you ever need it, they require that you follow their directions in order to remain valid.

As you can see, there are a few very good reasons to shut down your evaporative cooler during the winter.

How to Shut Off an Evaporative Cooler / Swamp Cooler

Some people call experts to handle their winterization needs, but what about those who have a tight budget, or simply enjoy being handy around the house? Now that we know why, it’s time to tell you how.

Follow these steps to properly winterize your unit:

Swamp Cooler Shut-Off

First, you need to shut the cooler completely off. More so than just flipping the switch, it needs to be fully unplugged and disconnected from power. Safety is highly important when working with water around electricity.

Make sure you put the cord in a safe place to ensure no one reconnects it to power while you are working on the unit. It’s ideal to let the household know that you will be doing maintenance, but people can be forgetful, or maybe someone missed the house meeting. Either way, safety is crucial and being aware of how to prevent accidents is the biggest way to ensure nothing bad happens. 

Turn Off the Valve

Next, address the water valve. You can find where it’s located in the owner’s manual if you cannot find it, or don’t already know. Water is the refrigerant in all units so yours definitely has one too. This valve needs to be closed to continue the process.

Bigger coolers can use up to a few gallons of water each and every day so this is another money saver. It is also the most relevant step during the procedure, as the goal is to keep water out of the unit to prevent the damage mentioned earlier.

The drain needs to stay open for a few days to ensure complete drying of the cooler pan and to nip any remaining moisture inside.

Shutting off an expensive working home appliance like a swamp cooler that keeps your home cool during the hot months the right way makes perfect sense. Shutting it down the right way so it keeps the integrity of the unit as clean and trouble free as possible is the duty of every homeowner so they do not have to buy a new one down the road.

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