Albuquerque Water Leak Detection – Part Four

Water Leak Underground Location

Seeing Clear Signs of Water Flow on and Around Your Property

Albuquerque Water Leak Detection by Day & Night Plumbing 505-974-5797
  1. View and touch parts on around your home and exterior property area that show clear signs of water leaking up or through to an area
  2. View your property from the street along the curb, the driveway, as well as from the water meter to your home. Water evidence could be subtle, such as a small amount of water that should not be there unless it has rained or a small dark area on concrete or outside dirt or grass of your home that might indicate a water leak coming from underground.

Read your Water Meter on a Regular Basis

  1. Inspect your Albuquerque home water meter and the record the meter reading. Be sure not to use water for a couple of hours. Then, reinspect the water meter and record the new reading, If the reading is different, you may have an underground water leak.
  2. Look at your water meter and write down the meter reading. Do not run any water for a few hours. From there, read your meter again. If the meter indicates a different reading, and your home has been checked for all other types of water leaks, chances are your Albuquerque home may have an underground water leak.


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