Albuquerque Water Leak Detection – Part Two

Albuquerque Water Leak Detection by Day & Night Plumbing 505-974-5797

Leaking Flapper Valve

When a faucet has worn out rubber washer, it will normally start leaking. For most faucets, the rubber washer can be found under the faucet handle. A faucet rubber washer is simple to replace with the correct plumbing tools. The water under the sink must be turned off first before completing the repair. Once the water has been turned off, remove the faucet handle. Before you start the job, be sure to watch a couple of videos online to learn how to repair your faucet leak the right way. Use your smartphone, pull up the leaky faucet repair videos you have watched and then follow the steps described in the video, step by step. By using this method you’ll be successful at fixing your leaky faucet.

Toilet Leaks

One of the biggest culprits in a home for water leaks is the toilet. A toilet leak is normally silent and when it goes undetected it can be the reason why you have huge water bills that costs hundreds of dollars. The good thing is that when it comes to toilet leaks, they are simple to fix and normally do not cost a lot of money.

Most toilet leaks can be repaired by replacing the toilet flapper or the filling mechanical parts with a kit. These items are always available for sale at any big box home improvement center or hardware store.

To figure out if you have a toilet leak, take off the tank lid and the put a few drops of food coloring into the tank water. Dye tabs are for sale at your local Albuquerque big box home improvement store or hardware store, if you don’t have food coloring on hand at your house. After you put the food dye or dye tab into the toilet tank wait ½ hour. Be sure you do not flush the toilet. Inspect the water in the toilet bowl to see if the water is clear or the color of the dye. If the water is clear you do not have a leak and if it is the color of the dye, you have a toilet leak.

Albuquerque Water Leak Detection by Day & Night Plumbing 505-974-5797

Leaking toilets are usually due to a flapper valve that is not sealing or that is not working right. When a toilet is flushed it is the rubber valve at the tank bottom raises up each time. When a flapper valve is worn out or has a crack of some sort, this part is no longer doing its job, which is to seal the toilet tank so it can fill back up after the toilet is flushed. If the part is compromised in any way, it will not seal the tank and then water will continue to go from the tank into the toilet bowl, causing an ongoing water leak of potentially huge proportions.

Toilet Flush Handle Issues

When a toilet handle needs to be moved up and down each time a toilet is flusher or between flushes to prevent the toilet from running, the toilet components, the flush level bar, its chain, or the toilet handle, are most likely getting stuck. To fix this issue, make and adjustment on the nut securing the handle to the tank. If this method does not remedy the problem, it is probable time to buy a new one and replace the part.


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