Amazing Drain Clog Repair Strategies for Albuquerque Homeowners – Part One

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Face the facts Albuquerque, drain clogs are a pain in the neck, particularly if it’s the kitchen drain. They are painless to unclog if you happen to know what the cause of the blockage of the drain is and what to do next to fix it. If you do not know what the cause of the drain clog is then you are best off calling a local plumber to address the issue. There are several ways to unclog drains in a home for the DIY homeowner to choose from to solve the problem.

One way to clear a drain clog is a chemical cleaner, but we suggest not using this strategy. Used correctly a chemical drain cleaner will clear a Albuquerque home drain clog in about a half and hour. But you should know that chemical drain cleaners are harsh and if used multiple times to clear a drain clog in the same drain it may damage the pipes. Most people don’t know what their metal or plastic make up their plumbing systems pipes. If the pipes are the wrong type for the chemical drain cleaning product you are using you are taking a chance the heat produced by the chemical will corrode and create holes in the pipes, ruining your plumbing in the process.

For the DIY Albuquerque drain clog repair folks featured below here are a set of strategies you can use to attempt to fix your drain clog.

The Wire Hanger Drain Clog Repair Strategy

Prior to creating your own home brew to use to fix your home’s drain clog use the simplest strategy on the planet, a wire closet hanger. Take a closet hanger out of your close then do the following:

  • Untwist the hook part of the hangar so it can be bent to your liking. Bend it and the end into a hook.
  • Take of your drain cover and then slide the hook end inside your drain.
  • Go slowly so you can feel your way down inside to where the blockage is located.
  •  When you start feeling the blockage slowly push the wire bit further and then pull on it to remove the blockage.
  • Pour a bowl of super-hot water down the drain to finish the job
  • If this strategy does not work the first time, follow the steps described here in the wire hanger strategy a couple of more times to give the method a couple of more chances to unclog the drain.

This strategy works often to unclog a drain.

The Baking Soda and Vinegar Drain Clog Repair Strategy

Baking soda and vinegar have been used to unclog drains in homes since homes have had indoor plumbing. Follow the steps provided here in this strategy to fix your Albuquerque drain clog. After you’ve followed the prescribed steps offered here and it does not work you can call the Albuquerque plumbers, Day and Night Plumbing to unclog your drain.

  • Pull out a measuring cup. Measure out 1/3 cup baking soda and pour it into a glass. Then measure out 1/3 cup vinegar.
  • Pour the vinegar into the baking soda in the glass
  • The minute you observe bubbles rising from the chemical reaction caused by the vinegar interacting with the baking soda, pour the contents of the glass down the clogged drain.
  • The chemical reaction creating the bubbling action will interact with the materials inside clogging the drain causing them to loosen and potential break lose completely.
  • Leave the drain and allow the baking soda/vinegar material to sit over the next few hours
  • After a few hours, get some hot water from a pot of water you boil on your stove or from water you heat to boiling in your microwave, and pour it down the clogged drain.

After you have poured the hot water down the drain, try running your kitchen sink faucet water to see if you have repaired your drain clog

The strategies offered here are straight forward and they do work most of the time. However, if the problem is not solved right away or it the clogs come back soon afterwards give a call to an Albuquerque plumber to get the clog fixed completely.

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