Causes of Noisy Water Pipes and What to do About Them – Part One


Neighbors can be loud, kids are almost always noisy and loud, rock and roll can be loud if played loud, but the one thing that should never be loud are your home’s water pipes. The fact is that water pipes are loud in some homes and they are loud for a variety of reasons including clog problems, weather issues and other mitigating circumstances.

What are the Causes of Loud Water Pipes in Most Homes?

When water pipes in your home making clanging noises it is reasonable to get worried. Don’t freak out immediately because most of the time when do some troubleshooting and general detective work around your home and figure out what is causing the noise to occur, it can be simple to repair. Featured below are a handful of reasons your water pipes are making noises:

  1. The First Noise Causing Culprit – Water Hammer
  2. The Second Noise Causing Culprit – Loose Pipes
  3. The Third Noise Causing Culprit – Worn Out Faucet Washers
  4. The Fourth Noise Causing Culprit – Main Shut Off Valve
  5. The Fifth Noise Causing Culprit – Toilets

Water Hammer

Water hammer is caused by the air chamber component of home hot-water and cold-water pipe air chamber device wearing out or when the air in the chamber is lost. Today home water piping system feature a commercial air cushion attached the water pipes that does the same job really well.  

Stopping Water Hammering from Occurring

Turn of the water main to the home. Turn on all the faucets in the home and then drain out all the water from the lowest faucet in the property. Air will then be driven into the riser built into your home’s water pipe system to stop water hammer from occurring.

Loose Water Pipes

Water pipe noise is caused by loose water pipes running underneath your home. Water moving down your home’s pipes often make pipes back to and forth making them rattle against the subflooring floor joists framing, if they are not firmly set in place.  

Repairing Loose Water Pipes

Floor joists in a home normally feature water drainpipes from the various drains in your home out to the home’s sewer line connection. If your water drainpipes are making noise go under your home with proper lighting (flashlight or cell phone flashlight) and a family member or friend flush toilets in the home. This will most likely cause the loose drainpipe in the home to rattle, which you should be able to spot easily. Once you’ve found the loose culprit making all the noise, tighten up the straps holding the drainpipe in place

Wrapping Up Noisy Water Pipe Problems

Noisy water pipes can be so irritating. However, there may be real plumbing issues causing your home’s noisy water pipes. Nicely, most of the plumbing problems causing the water pipe noises are one’s you can repair yourself. If the problems are too much or cannot be fixed, be sure call your local pluming company today to schedule service.



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