Causes of Noisy Water Pipes and What to do About Them – Part Two

What are the Causes of Loud Water Pipes in Most Homes?


When water pipes in your home making clanging noises it is reasonable to get worried. Don’t freak out immediately because most of the time when do some troubleshooting and general detective work around your home and figure out what is causing the noise to occur, it can be simple to repair. Featured below are a handful of reasons your water pipes are making noises and what to do about it:

Threadbare Home Faucet Washers

Home faucet or valve washers that are threadbare are the reason why water pipes make high pitched noises and sound like an air compressor losing air. The cause of the noise is come from an older washer or older washers located throughout valves and faucets in the home.

Instructions to Repair Threadbare Faucet Washers

If there is a high-pitched noise coming from your utility room when you are running your washing machine, you have an simple repair to complete to resolve the problem. Turn off the washer valve and inspect the hose washers. If the are threadbare, switch them out for new ones. If it turns out that is not the case, the next step is to change out the washer in the faucet. Most likely the noise is being cause by worn out washer or a worn-out valve seat. When the washer is on and water is running through the faucet, the worn out part (washer or valve seat) creates a noise due to there not being a good water seal.

Main Water Shut Off Valve

Screaming noisy water pipes that seem to be pervasive from one end of the house to the other are often caused by a bad water pressure regulator or by a bad main water shut off valve.

Here’s How You Fix the Main Water Shut Off Valve

To fix the main water shut off valve the first step you must take is to turn off the water at the local city water authority street water valve that feeds the home water. Now you can repair the main house water valve. If it turns out that wasn’t the problem, you may need to repair a part on the pressure reducer on the incoming cold-water line.

Noise Caused by Toilet Problems

Loud noise in your home may be due to the home’s toilet. If your toilet is making loud noises akin to banging water pipes after the tank is full after a flush, it s probable due to wear problems with the working toilet parts in the tank.


Here’s How You Fix a Noisy Toilet

Some toilet part sets can be repaired. However, in most instances it is better and faster to replace it with a brand-new toilet assembly kit.

Wrapping Up Noisy Water Pipe Problems

Noisy water pipes can be so irritating. However, there may be real plumbing issues causing your home’s noisy water pipes. Nicely, most of the plumbing problems causing the water pipe noises are one’s you can repair yourself. If the problems are too much or cannot be fixed, be sure call your local pluming company today to schedule service.


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