DIY Plumbing Knowledge All Albuquerque Homeowners Need to Know – Part One

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Plumbing problems in your Albuquerque home can be daunting to say the least, but there are a handful of plumbing repairs you can do yourself. It is true! An issue such as a leaking faucet in your bathroom and can be repaired quickly, with little trouble. But, if you have a leaky pipe under a sink or pipe that’s leaking behind a wall where water is running down the wall and out into the house, it’s time to call and Albuquerque plumber and address the problem immediately.

There are several repairs you can do yourself that are easy to do. To do the jobs all you need are a screwdriver and an adjustable spanner. If you do not have them in your toolbox, the items are available for sale at most of your local Albuquerque hardware stores or big box home improvement retailer stores.

Here are the repairs you can do yourself and how to do them:

DIY Leaky Faucet Repair

Most Albuquerque homeowners have experienced a leaky faucet. When a faucet is dripping it seems nothing on this earth is as annoying. Sleep is not an option, even if you place a rag under the drip to soften the sound of the drip, drip, drip. The leak is normally because of loose faucet handles or a loose faucet handle. Get your toolbox, pull out your adjustable wrench and Phillips head screwdriver, take off the cap that sits on top of the handle and then take the screw or nut below and tighten it down. Completing this task will most likely repair your faucet leak. If it does not fix it, it may be time to call an Albuquerque plumber.

DIY Clogged Tub Drain

Tub drain clogs are normally due to accumulated hair and scum from shampoo and soap. To unclog your tub drain, reach down inside the drain and see if you can pull out any globs of hair that may be at the top of the drain. Then pull out your home’s plunger (make sure you have a sturdy well-designed plunger, not flimsy one from the dollar store—it will give you the best chance of solve the problem), place it over the drain firmly and then begin plunging. Plunging firmly will push the blockage through the plumbing pipes and push out any trapped air and water inside the pipe. Then after plunging several times, pour a pot of hot water down the drain. If the water you pour down backs right up and does not go down the drain, you probably need to call an Albuquerque plumber to come fix the problem.

These solutions are easy to do and will solve your sink and clogged drain problems most of the time. If you employ these solutions and it turns out you cannot solve the plumbing problem at hand in your Albuquerque home, it’s time to call an Albuquerque plumber pronto and get the issue resolved by professional.

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