DIY Plumbing Knowledge All Albuquerque Homeowners Need to Know – Part Two

Plumbing problems in your Albuquerque home can be daunting to say the least, but there are a handful of plumbing repairs you can do yourself. It is true! An issue such as a leaking faucet in your bathroom and can be repaired quickly, with little trouble. But, if you have a leaky pipe under a sink or pipe that’s leaking behind a wall where water is running down the wall and out into the house, it’s time to call and Albuquerque plumber and address the problem immediately.

There are several repairs you can do yourself that are easy to do. To do the jobs all you need are a screwdriver and an adjustable spanner. If you do not have them in your toolbox, the items are available for sale at most of your local Albuquerque hardware stores or big box home improvement retailer stores.

DIY Broken Faucet Repair

Water will keep running when the tap is closed when a faucet is broken. If this is the case for any of your home faucets, such as your bathroom or kitchen faucet, it’s time to replace it. Taking out the current broken faucet and installing a new faucet is a simple task. It does require climbing under the sink counter and removing the nuts holding the faucet in place. To begin the job, turn off the water valve that supplies the faucet’s water. Then go to your toolbox, get out your adjustable pipe wrench and remove the retaining nuts hold the faucet in place to the sink itself. Once the nuts are loosened, pull the leaky faucet out of the sink basin. The final step is placing the new faucet in the sink basin, secure it by tightening its nuts, reconnect the water supply lines and then turn the water valve back on. Turn the faucet handles or lift the kitchen sink handle to make sure the faucet is working properly.

DIY Clogged Sink Repair

When your Albuquerque home has a clogged sink, it is disconcerting to say the least. The sink cannot be used. You cannot wash your face or brush your teeth if it’s a clogged bathroom sink and you cannot do the dishes or cook if its your kitchen sink that’s clogged. A clogged sink in the bathroom is normally caused by a hairball building up inside the pipe and blocking water flow. A clogged sink happens in the kitchen when grease and food get trapped, build up and eventually cause a blocked pipe, which prevents water from flowing down.

Take the following steps to unclog your drain:

  • Use a metal coat hanger. Undo the hook part of the hanger, then straighten it out and make a small hook on the end.
  • Insert the small hook end of the hanger until you feel a blockage. Push it firmly down and the pull up. Do this several times to see if you can loosen or break up the blockage.
  • Pour a big pot of hot water down the sink to push through any leftover residue or blockage.
  • Follow this routine several times to see if you can unclog the drain yourself.

These DIY plumbing problem solutions are easy to do and will solve your Albuquerque home sink and clogged drain problems most of the time. If you employ these solutions and it turns out you cannot solve the plumbing problem at hand in your Albuquerque home, it’s time to call and Albuquerque plumber pronto and get the issue resolve by professional.

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