Do-It-Yourself Stopped Up Drain Repair—If You Can’t Fix It, Call a Plumber – Part Two

Drain Clog Repair Albuquerque NM

Repairing plumbing issues in an Albuquerque, NM, home is not for the faint of heart. However, its true there are certain plumbing problems the average person can do. Small plumbing problems like a bathroom sink clog can solved in not time flat. But, if a major plumbing issue pops up its ugly head, it makes good sense to hire an Albuquerque, NM plumber than to take on the task yourself.  

Plumbing repairs you can do yourself can be done with basic household tools most homes have on hand. Those tools, which more than likely in your home’s junk drawer or toolbox, include an adjustable spanner wrench and basic screwdriver.

Here are the repairs you can fix on your own with these two ordinary tools:

Broken Bathroom or Kitchen Tap

Broken taps when closed no longer stop water from running event though the tap is shut off. Taking out the broken tap and replacing it with a new one is simple enough. It’s a matter of shutting off the water lines to the tap, removing the current broken tap and then installing the new tap in its place. It takes some doing to complete the task. It involves going under the sink, loosening the nuts holding it in place and then taking out the old tap from there. Once that task is completed the new tap should needs to be installed in its place.

Stopped up Bathroom or Kitchen Sink

A blocked sink is nasty to say the least about it. It can occur in the restroom when hair accumulates over time at the bottom of the drain creating a ball of hair. The ball of hair can get bigger to the point of blocking the drain.  Kitchen drains get stopped up from grease, pieces of food and other foreign material. It will become stopped when the accumulation of food and grease prevents water from flowing freely down the drain.

Here are the steps to take to unstop your bathroom drain and kitchen drain:

  • Find a clothes hanger, untwist the hook on the end and stretch it out so it’s one long straight wire
  • On the end bend it into a hook and then feed it down into the bathroom sink drain after you remove the drain stopper.
  • As you’re feeding the wire down the drain the hook will encounter the blockage. Once the wire touches the blockage, push the wire further down the drain gently and then pull it out slowly while turning it.

Once the stopped-up drain is unblocked pour hot water down the drain. This will remove the remain blockage. If this does not work completely repeat the process.

If you have a blockage in any of your home or business sink drains or toilets you cannot fix yourself, call the plumbing professionals at Day & Night Plumbing in Albuquerque, NM.


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