Home Improvement Tasks that Will Make Your Home’s Indoor Air Unsafe & Unhealthy & What to do About It

It is human nature to want to work on home improvement projects inside away from the sun and weather outside and near power for your power tools. Safety is always important, and health goes right along with it. To make your adhering to both important virtues when it comes to working on home improvement projects, the smart strategy to follow is to complete them outdoors to keep the in your home’s air clean and safeguard your body’s lungs, organs, eyes and skin.  Home air quality is very importan.

Skill Saw Wood Cutting Tasks

If your sawing inside to make cuts on pine 2 x 6’s for framing or your making saw cuts for a new deck you are building, it will generate tons of saw dust. Saw dust is a very pervasive end-product that comes for making wood saw cuts. It can and most likely will end up in your heating and cooling duct work, on your furniture, in your cabinets and potentially in your lungs. Do this work outdoors to eliminate this outcome. You will be glad you did.

Home Improvement Project Parts Painting and Spray Painting

Regardless if the part for your home improvement project that you are painting is small and requires little paint, it smart to paint it outdoors, instead of in the home. Fumes from paint naturally go away quickly when they occur outdoors. Additionally, completely any painting tasks that can be done outside is wise because it eliminates the hassle of applying painter’s tape inside the home where it is needed on the project. Time efficiency improves and paint fumes do not occur inside the home if painting is done outside.

Ready-Mix Concrete Mixing Inside

Ready-mix concrete can be done anywhere there is a water source available to mix the ingredients of concrete together including cement, lime, sand, and gravel. Occasionally a homeowner will mix it inside the house because that is where water is available needed to do the mixing. Mixing concrete inside is bad move. The materials from concrete are potentially very unhealthy. Cement and lime are both dangerous to humans. They both can cause severe damage to the eyes, lungs, and other organs. It is highly encouraged to mix concrete outdoors beforehand for safety’s sake. It can always be carried in using 5-gallon buckets or with a wheelbarrow.  

Refinishing Furniture and Cabinets Inside

Completing refinishing inside is rarely safe and is generally problematic. Here is why. The first issue why it is a bad idea to do refinishing inside is that sanding’s biproduct is fine wood dust. It goes everywhere and it will get in your lungs if you are not wearing a protective facemask. The second issue are fumes from refinishing product like stains, paints, and sealants. The fumes are highly noxious and can be poisonous to the point of causing permanent lung damage. Most refinishing jobs should be done outdoors if possible and if that is not possible, protective respiratory face mask and eyewear should be worn when refinishing furniture.

The Upshot of Doing Home Improvement Projects Safely

It is a fact that several home improvement projects have the necessity of needing to be done inside a home. If this happens to be required with a project, reset the home thermostat fan so is on. It will move air around the home when the project is being worked on, which will push it through the home’s duct work and in through its system’s intake filters. Be sure to wear protective respiratory face mask and eyewear both inside and outside.

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