How to Determine How Often to do Your Albuquerque Home Furnace Service – Part Two

How to Determine How Often to do Your Albuquerque Home Furnace Service By Day & Night Plumbing 505-974-5797

With the cold season approaching, for many of us, it’s about time to start thinking about doing your Albuquerque Home furnace service. More recent furnace models don’t require much as far as getting set up for winter. A decade and more ago, it was recommended to have our furnaces and boilers checked annually. Now, thankfully, we have electronics on our side to do most of the work. Service techs now still clean and check them, but there are only a few things they really need to do to maintain the machine.

Back in the old days versus now:

Furnaces used to need a lot more attention from their service techs, but that is no longer the case. Most up-to-date furnaces only require that the flame sensor be checked. Thanks to technology, these furnaces pretty much watch themselves. Now, the flame sensor is the only thing that really needs to be monitored. Models from the 90’s  to present rarely have the issue of getting dirty like they used to because they are generally stored in a generally closed in area. All of the controls, including the gas valve, the blower, and both the limit and blower switch, are controlled by a circuit board. The blowers are even sealed now too so there is no need to worry about oiling them.

So when do we need to check our furnaces or boilers?

The answer can vary depending on the environment in which it is stored. If there is a good chance of there being dust or animal hair around your machine it would be advised to check on it annually. However, if your furnace is housed in a relatively clean space, it can be put off to every 2-3 years. No need to spend unnecessary money by checking a clean furnace or boiler.

Another feature of more recent models is that the moment a problem is detected, it will shut down completely. Some service techs feel the only time these need to be checked is if it doesn’t start. Keep in mind this only applies to models made from the 90’s and forward. They say the cost is more than it should be with little benefit. 

At the end of the day, it’s really up to the home owner how often their heating systems should be checked. But, it makes sense to do order your Albuquerque home furnace service once a year because of all the dust and the changing weather conditions in the area.


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