How to Locate Your Albuquerque Homes’ Water Leak – Part One

How to Locate Your Albuquerque Home's Water Leak by Day & Night Plumbing 505-974-5797 Part One a

The damage caused by water leaks in your home can be substantial. Moreover, leaks that materialize can create mold to occur in drywall and induce rot to arise in wooden frames. Additionally, the cost of water bills can increase drastically from leaks, but also are cause for concern from an environmental perspective, especially in a city with water restrictions such as Albuquerque, New Mexico. 

Suggestively, leaks are very problematic for homeowners, but there are several steps that can be taken by a person as a preventive measure, which is knowing where to look. Some of the most common places that a person might find a water leak inside your home can be found on the suggestions below. 

1. Bathroom Toilets 

As one of the highest rates of usage in terms of water in homes, a common place a leak can happen is behind the toilet. As a homeowner, it should be a frequently checked place to establish if a leak is occurring. A leak can be identified by checking to see if there is condensation near the pipes leading into the drywall. Moreover, if the drywall looks or feels wet, if there are pools of water at the base board, there might be a water leak occurring. Additionally, check to see if there are signs of mold or if mildew is occurring near the area around the toilet; these can be key identifiers for establishing if there is a leak. 

albuquerque water leak detection

2. Household Sinks 

Much like toilets, bathroom and kitchen sinks have high volume usage in most households; meaning sinks are a common place for leaks to happen. Similarly in comparison to identifying if a leak is taking place near a toilet, check the walls near the sink and also glance around for puddles. Also, make sure to thoroughly check the pipes connecting to the sink and wall for condensation. 

albuquerque water leak detection

3. Your Refrigerator 

One of the least commonly checked places in a home for a water leak is the refrigerator. Many households have refrigerators that have water hookups for ice makers and to dispense water; there good be a leak occurring. The best way to establish if there is a leak is when it comes time to clean behind the frig. Check around the walls to see if there is water damage or mold. 

4. Water Heater Leaks Are Common 

Similar to sinks and toilets, household waters heaters are another common place for a leak to occur due to their daily usage. Therefore, homeowners should check their water heaters for leaks on almost a monthly basis to inspect for leaks. Checking your water heater if it has high mineral content is especially important because minerals can cause damage to water heaters and the various pipes that are connected to them. 

5. Possible Washing Machine Leaks 

In comparison to showers, washing machines use the most water in homes. Regularly check for signs of leaks or wet spots around the walls surrounding the washing machine because they will be the most telling in identifying if there is a leak. Moreover, be aware of mold and mildew build up that can occur as well. 

Likely, many of the water leaks described here are not the type of problems a homeowner can face on their own and needs to seek professional help. Day & Night Plumbing can help aid with this problem, because likelihood is there may be an issue such as your water line, which is a problem that only a professional Albuquerque plumber can help solve.


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