How to Locate Your Albuquerque Homes’ Water Leak – Part Two

albuquerque water leak detection

The damage caused by water leaks in your home can be substantial. Moreover, leaks that materialize can create mold to occur in drywall and induce rot to arise in wooden frames. Additionally, the cost of water bills can increase drastically from leaks, but also are cause for concern from an environmental perspective, especially in a city with water restrictions such as Albuquerque, New Mexico. 

Suggestively, leaks are very problematic for homeowners, but there are several steps that can be taken by a person as a preventive measure, which is knowing where to look. Some of the most common places that a person might find a water leak inside your home can be found on the suggestions below.

6. Leaks By Showers and Tubs 

Unlike sinks or toilets, it can be difficult to detect if a leak is occurring for showers and tubs because they often have tile surrounding the walls around them. The best way to check if there is a leak is to look for water on the ground or if there is low water pressure as these are often the most telling signs of a leak for showers and tubs. 

7. Outdoor Faucet 

Outside spigots are subjected to the wear and tear of the elements and should also be routinely checked for leaks. When inspecting for a leak on an outside spigot,check for mold, wet spots or stains around the inside walls near the spigot because they can clearly determine if there is a broken pipe that is connected to the spigot. 

8. In Home Walls or Ceilings can have Leaks Too 

Primarily, a clear sign of a roof leak is when a wall becomes wet or has water stain, but there is a possibility that there may be a broken pipe within the wall as well. Typically, broken pipe leaks are much harder to detect, depending on their severity, they are usually very small and build up over time. The best way to detect these types of leaks is to check for discoloration or wet spots. 

9. Lack of Water Pressure in the Shower or Sinks 

Water pressure can change in a home over time and it could be an indication that there is a leak. However, these leaks can be much harder for homeowners to detect specifically because of different variables that can occur. For example, the leak could be in a wall that isn’t near a water outlet. 

albuquerque water leak detection

10. Expensive Water Bills 

One very significant indicator of a water leak is when a water utility bill has increased dramatically. Typically, a person will call their water authority company to check their meter and if there aren’t any issues there, the chances that a home could have a leak escalate drastically. 

Likely, many of the water leaks described here are not the type of problems a homeowner can face on their own and needs to seek professional help. Day & Night Plumbing can help aid with this problem, because likelihood is there may be an issue such as your water line, which is a problem that only a professional Albuquerque plumber can help solve.

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