How to Prepare Your Swamp Cooler for the HOT ALBUQUERQUE SUMMERS

If you use a swamp cooler to cool your home, you should know what maintenance is required to get it in the best possible shape before the summer heat strikes. Maintaining your air conditioning unit in these ways will not only help increase its lifespan, but it will assist with efficiency, which will ultimately save you money when it comes to your energy costs.

swamp cooler start-up - How to Prepare Your Swamp Cooler for the HOT ALBUQUERQUE SUMMERS by Day & Night Plumbing 505-974-5797

First, you need to remove the side sections from all three sides of your cooling unit. There is usually a rotating clip you will turn to release them.

Now it’s time to inspect the pads. You need to check how stiff they are, if they are old and brittle, they need to be replaced, otherwise they will not be able to attain the moisture required to effectively cool your home. You can change them by removing the metal pieces holding them in. Next, check out the condition of the belt that runs the motor. That should be replaced if you find it cracking or too rough to move freely.

Look around the exterior of your swamp cooler for signs of rust. The reservoir should have been drained since its last functional season, but if it hadn’t been, go ahead and do so now. Rusty areas need to be addressed by scrubbing them with a steel brush and then scrubbing them down with steel wool. Be sure to sweep up the rust debris after you complete this task. Wear a protective mask when completing all tasks described here You can further protect your cooler from future damage by spraying it with a clear coat.

Look at the into the bottom of your swamp cooler and remove all debris. If it gets caught in the water pump, it is likely that it will suffer permanent damage.

Now you can add oil to the motor to lubricate it. Sometimes, there is a cap that flips open and makes this task easy to complete, but if you aren’t sure, look to the owner’s manual to locate the spots that could use a little extra lubrication. Now, you can reassemble your swamp cooler and refill it with water so it will be ready to operate when you need it to.

Follow the steps described here to make the transition from the warm days of spring to the hot Albuquerque summers a cool one. If you’re not sure what to do or how to do it when it comes to doing a swamp cooler start-up, give the professionals a call at Day & Night Plumbing at 505-974-5797.


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