Leave Your Albuquerque Air Conditioner On When On Vacation – Here’s Why

Vacations come around normally once or twice a year. They are great stress relievers and they make all the work you do year-round worthwhile. Chances are one component of your life you had not considered you have to make a decision about before you drive off into the sunset for your well-earned vacation is if you should keep home’s air conditioner turned off to save money or should you leave it turned on.

Logically it makes good sense to leave it off while you are gone on vacation. No one is going to be home so why would run your air conditioning and waste the money. Most people do not know this fact, but your home needs constant airflow and if does not have it, several problems my occur.

Increased Humidity Build-up Levels

Humidity levels in your Albuquerque home are managed directly through the airflow created by your home’s air conditioner. Keeping off while you are on vacation can result in several negative health issues. Increased humidity levels permit the growth of unhealthy mold. If your homes’ humidity is high enough it will become a magnet for a variety of pests in your home no one wants.

Not Running AC Can Hurt Your Home’s Appliances

Prior to your vacation when you are considering leaving your air conditioner off while you are gone, bear in mind the still air in your home may become as hot as it is outdoors or possible even hotter. The reason it can become even hotter is because your home is contained sealed structure that takes in heat and traps it inside. Excessive heat can ruin your appliances like laptops, flat screen tv’s and desktop computers.  

Miserable Home Air Temperature

No one desires to come back from a fun vacation to a hot home that is incredible miserable to be in because it feels like being inside of an oven. When you come home and turn on your air conditioner it is going to have to run for a long time to change the air in the house from stifling hot air to nice cool airconditioned air. Running your AC after vacation to cool your house off will stress it unnecessarily.

The Answer: Leave Your Albuquerque AC On at a High Temperature Setting While You Are On Vacation AC on at a Higher Temperature

The smart strategy is to keep your Albuquerque home’s AC turned on anytime you go on vacation. The cost of leaving it on is very reasonable and doing so has advantages. Set the thermostat at 80 to 85 degrees. Setting the AC so is runs will keep you home cool when it gets super-hot during the mid to late afternoon, and it will stop running when it cools off outside at night. You can also take it up another level by installing a modern smart thermostat. With this device you will be able to monitor the temperature in your home and make changes to the device’s setting if needed.

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