Steps to Follow When Replacing Your Home Boiler

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Homeowners, different components of your home need replacing from time to time. If it comes to pass that your boiler has stopped work or is not safe anymore, the next step is to look at different options to replace it. Even though it may not seem like it, when your home needs replacing, it is a great opportunity that offers many advantages. Installing a new boiler means you will no longer pay expensive bills incurred due to it breaking all the time, you will save money because the new unit will be more energy efficient and you it comes with a great warranty.

Factor in the following when making your boiler replacement decision:

  • Use the square footage of your home and its insulation to determine (BTU) boiler size capacity required.
  • Does your home have high energy efficient windows?
  • Does your home require a standard or high efficiency boiler?
  • Did the current system heat the home well?
  • Venting your boiler – Can you use the current flu vent pipe, or will you need install a different one because of the required venting specifications of the new system?
  • Do you have a desire to control your home heating system remotely from a smartphone app?
  • What company will be doing your maintenance after your new boiler is installed.
  • Does your home need building code upgrades for the new boiler?

The professional licensed plumbers at Day & Night Plumbing will work with you to make sure you purchase the right boiler system for your Albuquerque NM home’s requirements. In Albuquerque boiler installation offered by Day & Night Plumbing is available to meet all your needs, including capacity, safety and energy savings. We are the professionals in Albuquerque when it comes to boiler installation and repair.

In Albuquerque and the surrounding area when your home or business needs a boiler replacement or repair, the plumber to call is Day & Night Plumbing. To schedule an appointment to discuss your boiler needs call us at 505-974-5797 in Albuquerque NM.


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