The Big Summer Cooling Question—Will Your Swamp Cooler Cool Your Home in Summer 2020?

Swamp coolers are quite common in this part of the country, meaning Albuquerque NM. However, they are not used everywhere. Many people have not even heard of them! Despite its name, swampy areas are not ideal to run these kinds of systems. Swamp coolers are meant to run in hotter, drier climates like we have here in Albuquerque, NM.

Swamp coolers do have their setbacks. In some specific conditions, a swamp cooler may be incapable of functioning properly.

Can you count on your cooling system to work when you need it most?


Swamp coolers and central air conditioners have some significant differences. First, let’s address central air conditioners. These systems use a bit more energy when in use, however, it provides a more exact cooling process, which involves removing the existing heat from the air to achieve the setting on your thermostat.

Swamp coolers are much simpler systems that have fewer components. The concept behind these is that when hot, dry air passes through the cooling pad which is moistened with water, it will lose some heat through evaporation, which will cool the air.

There aren’t many mechanical parts to a swamp cooler. They have three primary parts that provide the cooling effect: a motor, a fan, and a cooling pad. Because of this, swamp coolers can potentially last longer, and cost less overall, but there are circumstances where central air systems may be the ideal option.


Swamp coolers only make a difference of about ten degrees when it comes to effectiveness in lowering the temperature of a structure. When faced with humidity, it may struggle to function at all. During monsoon season, even here in Albuquerque, a swamp cooler is not going to provide much cooling comfort for your home. 

Central air conditioning systems may have trouble creating low temperatures when battling temperatures over 100 degrees. It is, however, more efficient with overall cooling, and is more dependable when dealing with humidity. These systems dehumidify the environment all while cooling the air as well.


People end up combining many inefficient options when faced with extreme heat and/or humidity. Often, these temporary solutions do not work out the way you envision it. Typically, this results in not only an ineffective job at lowering the temperature of your home, but it uses more energy than central air would have. You also risk wearing your systems out far before they should be retired.


After you consider these options, it is best that you consult with a Albuquerque swamp cooler technician, like the ones from Day and Night Plumbing, to decide if retrofitting a central air conditioning system into your home is the best option. There are higher installation fees, but the benefits of having one can even exceed having complete control over the temperature in your home simply by adjusting the thermostat. It’s possible to become equivalent to the cooling power of a ductless system if your ventilation system cannot handle conventional air conditioning installation.


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