Like a garbage disposal, there are a variety of items that should never go into and then down your home’s toilets. Toilets are a great invention, with modern technology, the device almost seems to simple. We each use it every day and count on its convenience morning, noon and night. To keep your toilet working flawlessly it is critical that it be kept free of a variety of items that could lead to its failure and potential doom. A backed-up toilet it nothing to trifle with ever. Knowing what you can and cannot flush and applying that knowledge consistently will keep it working all the time, unless one of its working parts wears out. By following the strategy of not flushing things down your toilet that will clog it you will most likely save money because you didn’t have to hire licensed plumber to fix and save time, because you don’t’ have to deal with the problem.

This list of what should not be flushed down your toilet is as follows:

  1. Dental Floss – Flossing is a daily routine people follow to rid their teeth of food between their teeth in trapped in their gums. When you’re done flossing toss it away into the trash. Dental floss is a catch all for anything going down the toilet drain into your main home drain and it will mostly cause a clog. Drain clogs are costly, so toss the floss into the trash.
  2. Female Hygiene Products – For women getting rid of female hygiene products is never an easy task. Feminine napkins, for example are bulky, and if several are placed in a home’s bathroom trashcan, it can add up quickly. Keep in mind though, throwing them into the toilet and expecting it to be fine is not a good strategy. The best and only place to manage feminine products after use is to put them in the trash and empty the trashcan more often if needed.
  3. Paper Towels – Most homes use paper towels on a regular basis. Many people set up a paper towel dispenser and put a roll on it full time their home’s bathroom.Paper towels are a fantastic product, serving many purposes in a home, but because of their ability to absorb water, moisture and all types of surface residue they absolutely should not be flushed down the toilet. Paper towels need to be thrown away into the trash and never thrown away down any toilet. They will cause a toilet clog, which could cost you hundreds of dollars needlessly. The same rule of not flushing down the toilet goes for wet wipes as well. Wipes are known for causing toilet clogs, which are totally unnecessary.

    Toilet Flushing Do’s and Don’ts – To be sure, a toilet if for one thing and that’s for elimination of bodily functions. Using it as catch all for throwing disable consumer items may seem convenient and efficient, but it is not meant for any of those items. If you find you cannot fix Albuquerque clogged toile problems when you’ve got one in your home, give the pros’ at Day and Night Plumbing a call at 505-974-5797


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