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Like a garbage disposal, there are a variety of items that should never go into and then down your home’s toilets. Toilets are a great invention, with modern technology, the device almost seems to simple. We each use it every day and count on its convenience morning, noon and night. To keep your toilet working flawlessly it is critical that it be kept free of a variety of items that could lead to its failure and potential doom. A backed-up toilet it nothing to trifle with ever. Knowing what you can and cannot flush and applying that knowledge consistently will keep it working all the time, unless one of its working parts wears out. By following the strategy of not flushing things down your toilet that will clog it you will most likely save money because you didn’t have to hire licensed plumber to fix and save time, because you don’t’ have to deal with the problem.

This list of what should not be flushed down your toilet is as follows:

  1. Diapers – Babies and kids produce serious amounts of dirty diapers and the parents keep busy with changing them each day. Keep in mind, despite being busy, it’s not reason to even think about putting one down your home’s toilet. To dispose of dirty diapers, it’s as easy as placing it in your home’s trash can. Diapers that are dirty are giant for the simple reason they contain urine and feces aren’t meant for your toilet. It’s straight forward logic to not ever flush a dirty diaper down your toilet.

  2. Cat Litter – Cat litter is not meant for flushing down the toilet. Kitty litter is heavy, particularly when it’s soaked down with cat urine and cat feces. A regular residential toilet flush does not contain enough water for used kitty litter to go all the way down into the main sewer line. It will sit and then be a catch-all for other items to gather and potentially end up causing a toilet clog or worse yet a sewer backup. A sewer backup is close to doom. Take used kitty litter and throw it away into the trash, where it belongs, not in your toilet.

  3. Hair – We all brush or comb our hair most days. Hair seems light enough for it to flush down a toilet easily, but like other items, it can build up. Once it starts to build up sufficiently it can cause a costly toilet backup

Toilet Flushing Do’s and Don’ts – To be sure, a toilet if for one thing and that’s for elimination of bodily functions. Using it as catch all for throwing disable consumer items may seem convenient and efficient, but it is not meant for any of those items. If you find you cannot fix Albuquerque clogged toilet problems when you’ve got one in your home, give the pros’ at Day and Night Plumbing a call at 505-974-5797


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