Top Tips to Maintain Your Albuquerque Home Radiant Heating System – Part One

Are you thinking of changing out your current radiant heating system and getting a better radiant heating system for next winter? If the answer is yes hold on for a bit and look at the tips offered here to make the most of your current radiant heating system.

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Radiant heating systems are super effective at keeping home’s warm, with heat coming from the ground up through hot water heating tubes located in the slab or floor of a home or from hot water base board units located throughout a home along its walls. Radiant heating systems are excellent at heating a home efficiently at a low cost. Albuquerque winters are normally mild, so a home with a radiant heating system that is maintained, clean and running well will stay warm all winter long at a relatively low cost.

Radiant heating systems last a long time, but like any mechanical device they need to be taken care of with regular maintenance and new parts from time to time if needed. Featured here are

It’s important to note the average lifespan of a radiant heater is 15-0 years, but through regular maintenance, it can be extended. Here are a few essential maintenance tasks to keep the heating system in good shape:

1. Surplus Air Removal

Prior to turning your home’s radiant heating system, the first maintenance step to take is to take out any surplus air. During use air builds up inside your system’s plumbing and radiator. Any extra air in the system can have an adverse effect on its operating efficiency. Taking on any surplus air in the system will improve its operating efficiency and improve the economic life of it as well. Bear in mind, if you don’t know how to remove the surplus air, it’s best if you call a professional plumber that has experience installing and maintaining radiant heating systems.

Radiant heaters come equipped with a bleeding valve. All you need to do is to loosen them so the air can escape. It’s best to carry out this crucial maintenance task when the heater is on and water is circulating through radiators.

2. Perform Full Boiler Cleaning

Boilers in good shape with no built-up residue, dirt or gunk will help your radiant heating system run far better and help it keep the temperature set on its connected thermostat. The best time to clean radiant heating system boiler is in the late fall, just before it gets cold out, so the system will run well during winter.

Additionally, clean the boiler’s fuel system. A radiant heating system boiler is a complicated piece of equipment. If you don’t know about boilers, cleaning them or the fuel system is best left up to a local plumber that specializes in radiant heating systems.

After you check your system, complete the suggested tips offered here and you find it is not operating effectively, it’s time to give a call to your local licensed Albuquerque plumber to replace your radiant heating system.


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