Top Tips to Maintain Your Albuquerque Home Radiant Heating System – Part Two

Radiant heating systems are super effective at keeping home’s warm, with heat coming from the ground up through hot water heating tubes located in the slab or floor of a home or from hot water base board units located throughout a home along its walls. Radiant heating systems are excellent at heating a home efficiently at a low cost. Albuquerque winters are normally mild, so a home with a radiant heating system that is maintained, clean and running well will stay warm all winter long at a relatively low cost.

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Are you thinking of changing out your current radiant heating system and getting a better radiant heating system for next winter? If the answer is yes hold on for a bit and look at the tips offered here to make the most of your current radiant heating system.

3. Fix Any System Leaks

A leaking radiant heating system is a serious matter. It is critical your system leak gets fixed as soon as humanly possible. Water damage from a leaking radiant heating system can ruin your concrete slab, ruin the sheet rock on the walls the leak is next to and it can be the cause of huge amounts of mold. If there are water stains showing on the floor where the system water tubes are located or on or by the system boiler itself, it’s critical the leak gets fixed right away. Water leaks can also occur on the water pipes leading to the boiler or the valves connected the water tubes leading away from the boiler the system’s pipes throughout your home. Chances are you will not have the skill sets or training to be able to find the leak and fix it. If this is the case for you call and Albuquerque plumber right away, have them come out to assess the damage and then give you quote to repair the issue. If you know how to do it, turn off the water to your home so you can reduce the damage to your home the leak will cause.

4. Check System for Equal Heat Throughout Entire Home

Radiant heating systems are designed to heat the entire home space. Sections of the home are set up as heating zones with each section connected to a thermostat. Setting the thermostat with the same temperature setting will signal to the system to send hot water throughout each zone evenly. If a zone in your home is hotter or colder than another zone it may be due to a faulty thermostat or it may be due to a problem or set of problems with the radiant heating system. Problems such as a bad boiler, a faulty expansion tank or a bad water valve may be the culprit causing the issue.

5. Check System for Proper Effective Operating Daily

When your radiant system is first turned on when it really cools off in the late fall or early winter, check to see if it is operating well where each zone of the home feels warm compared to the thermostat settings throughout the house. If it doesn’t feel warm or it is cool or too hot system issues like busted thermostats, clogged hot water lines with too much sediment or mineral build up can bring on bad radiant heating system operating.  

After you check your system, complete the suggested tips offered here and you find it is not operating effectively, it’s time to give a call to your local licensed Albuquerque plumber to replace your radiant heating system.


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