Why Doing Do-It-Yourself AC Repair is a BAD Idea to Even Consider


AC Units Feature Highly Technical Electrical Control Panels & Cooling Components

New AC systems, like new cars, come with a factory warranty. If an AC unit is worked on by heating and cooling plumber that is not a factory authorized repair company, it will most likely negate the product’s warranty. If a homeowner or business owner works on an AC unit under warranty it will also wipe out the warranty. Adding insult to injury that is even worse is if the repair would have been covered by a service warranty purchased when the unit was bought initially and ends up not being covered because an unauthorized cooling technician worked on it.

Safety First and Foremost

Cooler expert authorized repairman heads prevail, especially when it comes to an AC unit that is not working. It is wise to remember to never work on AC unit, particularly its power source. AC units normally operate on 220 volts, which is more than enough voltage to end a person’s life. Regardless if the power source looks like it has repair problems where the wire comes out of the house, or where it connects to the AC unit, not one aspect of the wiring that powers your AC should ever be touched by anyone other than an expert cooling technician.

AC units, like virtually all consumer products today, use high end technology featuring sophisticate wiring configurations, high tech components and control panels. Do-it-yourself repairs are something no one should undertake on an AC unit in 2019.

Use the Incorrect Refrigerant My Ruin Your AC Unit, Cause a Fire or Explosion

Through logical reasoning an average homeowner may be able to determine their AC unit is not working because it’s low on refrigerant. That’s all fine and well, but if you buy the wrong refrigerant for it you may well likely destroy it. For one thing, all AC units today have factory specifications for parts and cooling fluids. The system must be repaired with the factory parts and fluids specified by the manufacturer. If a system’s refrigerant is supplied with the wrong kind it may cause a catastrophic fire or explosion, which would no doubt be a disaster.

Do-it-yourself repairs at home are fine for replacing a couple of shingles or installing a new light fixture, but when it comes to AC repairs you better leave it to the AC professionals. Next time your Albuquerque, NM AC needs repair, learn about it from the Day and Night Plumbing’s AC website section and then give them a call.


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