Why Doing Annual Heating System Maintenance Service Makes Perfect Sense – Part One

Why Doing Annual Heating System Maintenance Service Makes Perfect Sense - Part One
Why Doing Annual Heating System Maintenance Service Makes Perfect Sense – Part One | Day & Night Plumbing 505-974-5797

It’s hard to fathom, but most Albuquerque homeowners never do maintenance on their home’s heating system. Most people have maintenance performed on their car every month or two by way of a standard oil, lube and air filter change. We also get car tune-ups normally once a year, we change out a car’s timing belt every 60,000 miles and get new brake pads installed at 70,000 miles. If we didn’t do regular car maintenance, the car would break down and potentially by unsafe. The same care and diligence should be done regularly on our home’s heating system, but for some unknown reason regular furnace maintenance on a yearly basis is rarely done by most homeowners, but it should be done.

Featured here is a logical explanation and reasoning why every homeowner should have maintenance done on their home’s heating system. Going forward afterwards be certain to have your home’s heating system receives annual maintenance. By doing so the system will work more efficiently, economically and be much safer, which is just as important.

Home Heating System Annual Maintenance is Just Plain Smart and Worth the Investment

There is a service cost for getting annual home heating system maintenance services. The expense that is incurred will be paid for through improved heating system efficiency, by way of a healthier home and safer home, due to the fact a heating professional has completed a full safety check and made sure your system is clean, running efficiently and completely safe. Home heating system maintenance will save you money each year in two different ways.

  • Reduced heating bills – Completing scheduled annual heating system maintenance on your home’s heating system essentially is a full system cleaning and tune-up. Doing this will assist your home’s heating system so it attains over 95% of its original factory heating efficiency, going forward. For the homeowner, this will translate into reduced heating bills for a very long time.  
  • Locate System Issues Sooner – The major service involved during professional heating maintenance is a complete tune-up of the system. This can help to detect problems with your heater early so that you can fix them ASAP. Some people might look at this point as a way for plumbing and heating companies to bring in more business, but the fact is that if your system needs repair, finding it early and fixing it straight away will prevent even worse issues and potentially eliminate a serious dangerous issue from happening, such as a fatal natural gas leak in your system that you do not know about.  

Each Heating System Maintenance Annual Service Call Has the potenial of Extending The System’s economic life and save you Money

  • Heating system maintenance service provides the needed action on the system to add to number of years the system is running and heating your home. By doing regular maintenance on your home’s heating system, it will maintain the system components, so they are operating as long and as efficiently as possible. Most people know that taking care of any appliance by way of keeping it clean and maintained well is the premier way to do what is needed to extend its economic life as long as possible. Home heating system that are serviced annually, particularly the work’s is done before winter sets in and system gets used in poor working order before it’s tuned up, may potentially extend the life of the system for years to come.


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