Why You Should Hire a Professional Albuquerque Plumber to Start-Up Your Swamp Cooler – Part One

It’s a fact Albuquerque, swamp coolers have several working parts. The working parts are integrated throughout your home, making it a cooling system that is working mechanical system affecting your home all year round. When we complete a swamp cooler start-up we inspect and check to make certain each component is clean and working properly including the the water supply lines, the float, the water pump, the cooling pads, the blower motor, the electrical lines controlling the on-off wall unit, the on-off wall unit, the thermostat and the vents.  The average home owner does not have the training or the experience to complete a swamp cooler’s system checks, clean it or how to repair or install any of the working components if they are not working.

Swamp coolers take moisture and use it to cool the air in your home. It does this by pulling in warm outside air and passing through wet cooler pads, which cools the air. The cool air is pushed into your home by being blown in by a blower motor through a vent in your house. It’s a great system to cool a home. Swamp coolers need to be started up each spring, once the weather in your area, like Albuquerque, NM, warms up.  At Day & Night Plumbing, an Albuquerque, NM plumber, swamp cooler start-up service includes a series of steps we follow to make sure the unit is clean, running properly and to make certain all working parts are in good working condition, so the unit runs well all summer and fall long.

Benefits of Swamp Cooler Over Refrigerated Air Conditioning

  • 70% less electricity usage
  • Humidity improvement in the home
  • Fresh cooler air lowers hot air, bad smells and dust in the home
  • Doors and windows in home get to stay open
  • Reduced costs to maintain
  • Ozone refrigerants that hurt the atmosphere not used

Evaporative coolers mean cooling costs are reduced by up to 75% over traditional air conditioning.

Home owner in Albuquerque, are you thinking of installing a swamp cooler in your home? Day and Night Pluming is ready to help you get this done.

Evaporative Coolers in Albuquerque are a fantastic cooling system for keeping your home cool in the hot dry climate of New Mexico.  Day and Night Plumbing is one of Albuquerque’s top cooling company’s home owners and business owners call when it comes to evaporative cooler installations. We handle all work ourselves, meaning that only experienced technicians will be handling the installation.


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